By: Rideau Lakes ACCCC | September 04, 2018

On a summy Sunday afternoon we had nine cars head out for a our up to camp quality in Lanark. This is an annual event for our car club, and part of the support we give to them every year. We all arrived at the camp, but not without issues. We had one car breakdown, but a friend of the driver helphed out and then offered his car for the kids tours.

I don't know who enjoyed the tours more, the kids riding or the drivers. There was a rumble seat and the was a novel experience for any. of course there were a couple of convertibles.

The kids seemed really drwn to the colourful cars as well. One boasted he had a drive in all of them. So I think it was a successful trip.

After the kids seemed to be finished wanting drives, we took the back roads through Middleville to Carleton Place and had dinner at the Thruway restaurant. Everyone said they enjoyed their meal and headed home full. 

Thanks again to Earl and Doris for taking on this tour! And thanks to everyone who participated

Keitha Black



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