By: Rideau Lakes ACCCC | October 01, 2017

The weatherman forecast was for a hot humid & record breaking day. this did not discourage a group of Canada's Capitol A's and Rideau Lakers from participating in the tour planned by Mel & Keitha Black and Joanne & Harry Macdonald.

Some gathered at the Tim Horton's in Richmond, and after Keitha gave us our written instructions & explained there would be no corner cars, we fired up the engines, rolled down the windows, and headed to Carleton Place. There we were to meet up with the rest of the group.

  After a short "meet and greet" it was just a short run to the first stop,  a local Flea Market.  While wandering around the market some found items they just had to have.  In fact one lady bought a thoroughbred riding horse, after which she had to hire Earl & his truck to bring it home. (It was of the kid's variety.) 

Leaving Carleton Place we drove along the south shore of Mississippi Lake on our way to the second stop, Cardon Tools.  Not that interesting for the ladies, but men can always look at tools.

  From there we were off and running to Balderson for an ice cream stop & some  shopping in the local stores for the ladies..

  Departing Balderson we made for the Lanark Highlands and our final stop,  Sylvania Lodge.  I don't know about others but that cold refreshment sure tasted good.  We were treated to a delicious lunch and apiece of birthday cake to finish it off.

  Following lunch, it was decided that due to the hot temperature we could split up and make our own way home or continue with the tour.  

  A big round of applause to Mel, Keitha, Joanne & Harry for an interesting tour as they put a lot of thought and planning into it.  Thanks to both couples. 

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