By: Rideau Lakes ACCCC | July 23, 2018

         The weather did us a favour and didn't boil us for our tour on July 7th.  I guess all our prayers were answered.  We met in Carleton Place for the tour.  One member had an issue with his Model A and went home and exchanged it for an MG, OMG!  But it is a beauty and fit right in.  The Model A's were running a little late, but when they arrived we left with 6 Model A's and 6 Antique Cars so it was quite a mix.

  Our first stop was  the Ashton General Store.  The General Store was open in Ashton for 150 years and closed in 2016.  Over the years it was very much a community meeting place.  Now it has reopened as “The General Store Marketplace” and specializes in promoting all local crafters and artists. They have some unique items and also sell coffee and drinks in keeping with the heritage of the old store. 

  On our way through Richmond we were to pick up 2 more Model A's.  It didn't quite work out but they joined us in Manotick.  Now, I thought everyone had been to Watson's Mill.  To my surprise, that wasn't the case.  And they opened Dickinson House a couple of years ago.  So there were two sites to visit.  Both were very interesting and we had tour guides for both that were very knowledgeable.  There was also a bookstore that you could browse through for a very long time.

  After everyone toured the grounds and sites we were off for lunch.  We took a route that led us along the Rideau River.  Some of the homes (or should I say Mansions) were gorgeous.  It was a relaxing drive enjoying the scenery. 

  When we got to Kemptville we stopped at the Kemptville Family Restaurant for lunch.  The service was great and the menu was varied.  A lot of people had Chinese food, but there was lots of choice.  Everyone enjoyed their food.  After lunch we split up with everyone heading for home with smiles on their faces.

Mel and Keitha Black  and Harry and Joanne MacDonald

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