By: Rideau Lakes ACCCC | October 24, 2018

September Tour


Note: in the Tunnel description the train went from Brockville to Sand Point – both places we have toured to this year, from the St. Lawrence River to the Ottawa River








On September 30th we were hosted to a tour from Smiths Falls to Brockville by Don and Phyllis Stanzel.  We had nine cars meet in Smiths Falls and head out on the back roads.  The leaves were turning but there was more color at home than down by the St Lawrence.  It was still beautiful scenery on quiet roads.  We did head into Rockport to find at least 15 tour buses parked and many, many people!  Our plans for an ice cream stop came to a quick halt.  So we went ahead to our next stop, a rest stop in a roadside park.  Here our plans were revamped and off we went again.  We went ahead to the Tunnel in Brockville where we stopped for our ice creams and then went to visit the tunnel.  I found this a fascinating display using information about the tunnel and lights to create an interesting event.  Then on we went to have dinner at the Cedar Valley Golf Club.   Keitha   


We can be proud of our ancestors, many in this area who were United Empire Loyalists, for creating the life we live today and their efforts were everywhere on our car tour. As our classic cars toured the country side, I could not help but notice how the settlers many years ago and folks today knew how to use our national resources to make a living in this often rocky landscape with pockets of fertile fields. The wood is used to make cedar rail fences, homes and barns. The rocks are used to create homes, bridges and even long tunnels. The water ways were used for mills, boat travel and now cottage life. The wind is used to power wind mills on small farms and now on a large scale wind farms. The sun is use to grow crops and now harness solar power. The country aroma - proof the land is useful and producing food - was even evident at our dinner stop - but that did not deter our enjoyment.

There were also a variety of campaign signs with the names of many local residents who are willing to work on our behalf for their communities. The Canadian work ethic is alive and well in the countryside. Just take a tour in old classic cars and you will be amazed at what you can see.   Marlene

Thank you Don and Phyllis for the wonderful day.  Marlene









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