By: Rideau Lakes ACCCC | August 29, 2017

What a great day for a drive. Perfect weather!

We grouped up with 8 cars led by Earl Moore and Doris Porteous for the drive to Lanark.  We had another car join us at the camp for a total of 9 antique cars.  

There was also a Mustang, two Slingshot motorcycles and a police boat.  So the Camp Quality children and councillors had lots of options for rides.  They are able to go in as many vehicles as they want as often as they want.  What a great opportunity for everyone. 

We need to thank Camp Quality for giving us this opportunity and for all the hard work they do for these children.  While the drivers were busy giving rides the rest of us sat in the shade and talked to the Camp Quality group, the group providing snacks and of course each other.  

There were two big hits—a big dog named Archie and a little dog named Tasha.  Afterwards some headed home and others headed back to Carleton Place and had dinner.  It was a great day for everyone.  We are proud to support Camp Quality. 

Thank you Earl and Doris

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