By: Rideau Lakes ACCCC | May 18, 2017

It was a cool rainy morning but we still showed up at A&B Ford in Smiths Falls for our annual Touring Inspection! We inspected 13 vehicles in the next couple of hours. And Earl has a few more to see so we won't have an Unlucky Number of inspections done. After all the cars were checked out 10 cars loaded up for a short drive led by Terry and Sharlene Irish. The weather decided to co-operate and stop raining. It was nice to see the trees leafing out and the scenery starting to turn that bright leaf green. It turned out to be an international tour. We went through Toledo (Spain), Athens (Greece), and then to Jasper (Canada). The trip took longer than planned when our leader had to stop for the gas he forgot to get earlier! When we got back to Smiths Falls we went to Rob Roy's (Scotland!) Restaurant for dinner where we had 20 people. We were joined by 2 new members John and Carolyn Halley. Welcome and we hope to see you out again. As usual, it was a very enjoyable day. Thank you Earl, Doris and crew for looking after our cars. And Terry and Sharlene for organizing the tour and dinner.

Keitha Black (and Mel)


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