By: Rideau Lakes ACCCC | August 29, 2017

The folks and friends of Rideau Lakes enjoyed

a wonderful day and evening on Saturday, July 8.

Following the wild rains of Friday night, nineteen eager members of Rideau Lakes Car club and nine cars gathered at Nancy and Earl Weir's for a 10:30 start.  Chris Bryant with his friend Margaret led us on a delightful tour of the old villages of Rideau Lakes. Villages like Toledo, Addison, Athens, Phillipsville and Delta.  Villages where you saw the homes and stores where once farming was king.  Must admit some of these villages may not have been on the original tour but there were a delight none the less.


We stopped for ice cream at the Forfar Cheese Factory in Plum Hollow.  Now ice cream was just one option along with pastries, cheese and curds to enjoy.  Unfortunately cheese is no longer made at Forfar but their milk quoto goes to 3 other cheese factories where the end products are produced.


Then on to a tour thru Chaffeys Locks and a glimpse of the newly renovated Opinicon Lodge.  I say a glimpse because the road was full of people, cars and trailers.  Saturday was the grand re-opening of the rustic queen of the Rideau.  Many of us hope to return for a dinner visit.  Our journey continued on to the old Perth Road, through picturesque Westport, climbed Foley Mountain and on to Perth.  Then we followed the Rideau River via hwy 43 back to Smith Falls to Weir's home.  Now this was a tour of classic cars so there was some unexpected mechanical care that needed to be done.


Earl and Nancy have a lovely property that was just perfect for a circle of chairs with new friends and club members arriving for happy hour.  Then the wonderful contribution of music – our kind of music- provided by Tim Hallman and Terry Hoffman with Wally Fisher joining in.  I think we knew the words to every song and if we didn't then these musicians could sing it for us.  Did Earl build that alcove with a Saturday night band session in mind?


Dinner was a delicous seving of BBq'd potatoes, roast beef and salads. Plus too many desserts to count. Nancy generously had the beef cooked and ready for us with gravy. While the sun slowly set behind the pine trees, we folks - 30 of us-  enjoyed more music and some gradually gravitated to the bonfire. 


Thank you to Chris and Margaret for a tour back in time and thank you to Nancy and Earl Weir for a delicious dinner and the special treat of great music from our era.  You are hosts extra-ordinaire!

Submitted by Marlene Walker

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