By: Rideau Lakes ACCCC | October 01, 2017

We recently received an email on our feedback site from a lady in Oregon.  It seems that her son Alex was doing a school project and decided on Automobile History.  In the course of their research they happened upon the Rideau Lakes Website.  He checked out our car pictures and really enjoyed them.


We are thrilled to do what we can to support and foster the interest in the Antique Automobile Hobby.  So we are very appreciative of the message we received!


My name is Erica J**, I am from Portland, Oregon. My son Alex is really into cars and trucks. One of his teachers is starting the school year by having the students do a fun project to get them back in the school mindset. I thought this was such a cool idea, and I am helping Alex put together a project on automobile history. I've been helping him out with his research online, and we really enjoyed your page, It had a lot of great information, and I know Alex also really enjoyed checking out your pictures of all the different cars you have on the page. Thanks again for the awesome page and help encouraging Alex interest in automobiles! If you're able to add the auto history article to your page, please let me know, I'd love to show him! Have a great day and hope to speak to you soon.

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